Flip-up helmets Posted on 01 Jul 02:39

In the last few years we have started to see more and more motorcycle owners buying and wearing flip-up helmets. Basically they represent a combination between a full-face helmet and an open one, combining in a pretty successfully manner their advantages, while trying to get rid of the disadvantages each one of them has. The fact that when they are closed, flip-up helmets look exactly the same with a full-face helmet and offer the same level of protection to all the important parts of the head, including the neck, represents a huge advantage for users looking for safety above everything. The part that covers the chin may be removed or lifted and this means that you will have a much better access to your face, when trying to talk to someone, drink or eat and the fact that you will be able to do all these without completely removing the helmet represents a great advantage in terms of comfort and practicability.