Motocross helmets Posted on 01 Jul 02:40

As their name says, motocross helmets are great for taking your motorcycle off road, but this does not mean that you can also wear them on the road. Motocross helmets have a different construction compared to other types, due to the fact that they don't come with a face shield, but at the same time the chin area is very well protected. The fact that motocross helmets don't offer a face shield allows the rider

to use whatever goggles he wants and this can be a great advantage for hardcore motocross fans that take every aspect into consideration. Motocross helmets allow the rider to have a very good mobility and a wide field of view, essential things when it comes to taking your motorcycle off road. In addition, they allow a very good air circulation inside, but don't have very good properties when it comes to noise insulation.