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24 SEP

4th annual Running With The Daltons

Coffeyville, Kansas

Helmet Comfort

Helmet Comfort

Along with the motorcycle saddle, the motorcycle helmet is a piece of motorcycle gear that can make or break your riding experience. Motorcycle helmet comfort turns potential agony of a ride to pure joy. Helmet comfort, however is difficult to determine straight off. Some riders aver that a comfortable helmet simply doesn't exist. It is true that many riders, even seasoned bikers, have never had the pleasure of riding with a perfectly fitted helmet. Don't be discouraged. It takes several visits to various motorcycle helmet dealers to find the ideal size, make and model of helmet for your head.

Highly recognizable brands are generally the most comfortable. Other factors that contribute to motorcycle helmet comfort are soft foam-rubber padding touching your head, a solid seal around the ears (although not on the ear itself) and a neck roll that cradles the back of your head and neck.

Keep in mind that a good fitting helmet may seem tight as you tug on it due to the foam layers that seal out wind and noise. These foam shells are smaller than the inside the helmet proper. If when pulling on your helmet there is a lack of resistance, it probably won't block out sound or fit snugly and is likely to shift about your head. Although a snug, heavy helmet may feel constricting, riders who wear heavy helmets suffer fewer neck injuries than those who don loose, floating helmets. Motorcycle helmet safety should come before motorcycle helmet comfort.

The best advice when it comes to motorcycle helmet comfort is to try on numerous brands and models before settling on any one.